Editorial Policy

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We cover science, technology, engineering and any related news. As independent news source, we publish stories that we believe will interest our readers. We decide the merit of a story at our discretion. We also conduct interviews of companies, communities as well individuals that we consider exciting, provocative and interesting.

The world of science, technology and engineering development is unlike other industries that are susceptible to fake news. At pibitek.biz we strive for journalistic excellence and aim to produce factually-sourced news articles and editorials.

Sponsored Content
pibitek.biz does not write any sponsored content. Companies may submit their own sponsored content. Any editorial content, interview or article that is sponsored or paid for is tagged "Sponsored" or "Press Release". To submit, please send an email to email@pibitek.
All content that is tagged "pibitek.biz staff" or any post that has an author name tag is not sponsored or paid for.

Affiliate Marketing Programs
pibitek.biz participates in various affiliate marketing programs which may pay us commissions on purchases or signups made through our links to other sites.

Content and/or article can be submitted directly to email@pibitek.
All content submitted to pibitek.biz is moderated. You agree that you own the content you create and submit. You may submit content to third-party classified ads or websites by including linkbacks to the original ad or content.
You agree that you own the rights to any images you upload or that you are uploading images with free licenses.
By submitting your content, you grant us a non-exclusive license to display your content with advertising displayed on pibitek.biz. You understand that we do not sell your content or information. You retain full rights to your content and reserve the right to repost it or syndicate it.
You agree that content submitted to pibitek.biz will remain on the platform in perpetuity.

Press Releases or Event Promotion
Please submit your press releases or event promotion to email@pibitek.
You agree not to submit any content or press release that contains any false, misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent claims or offers.

This Editorial Policy was last updated on 12 December 2023